The opening of 'My-Iran' schools in Kurdistan

The opening of 'My-Iran' schools in Kurdistan

Six schools called "Iran-e-Man" have been completed, equipped and utilized in 18 and 19 August 2015 donated by a group of entrepreneurs of Tehran chamber of commerce (members of coalition for tomorrow) accompanied by Mehr Giti charity institution in Serish Abad of Qorveh city, Mochesh of Kamyaran in Kurdistan province and prepared for presence of elementary school students.

According to the report of public relations of Iran-e-Man, these six schools have been opened by the presence of Pedram Sultani, vice president of Iran chamber of commerce, a group of representative board of Tehran and Sanandaj chambers of commerce and, general directorate of Schools Reconstruction of Kurdistn province and a group of teachers, villagers and students of these villages. 

Two-class elementary school of Abbas Abad village, two-class elementary school of Sarkahriz, one-class elementary school of Sheikh Taqe, one-class elementary school of Mehdikhan, one-class elementary school of Kanichay, one-class elementary school of Ajichay, called "Iran-e-Man", have been opened in Kurdistan province.

In this ceremony, Pedram Sultani, vice president of Iran chamber of commerce praised Mehr Giti charity institute as explained, "the construction of this school has been done by attempt of my dear friends in Coalition for Tomorrow group in Tehran chamber of commerce and I should thank and appreciate all these people for their companionship and sympathy in completing the project of "Iran-e-Man" school in Kurdistan.

In opening ceremony of "Iran-e-Man" schools in Abbas Abad village, vice president of chamber of commerce hoped that the students of Iran-e-Man School would draw better future than yesterday and today by trying hard and learning knowledge and science.

He asserted that: "The name of these schools is "Iran-e-Man", hoping that dear kids of this country who study in these schools from all over this land love their homeland more and more and know that those who have constructed these schools for them aimed at facilitation of education and availability of education and knowledge for children".

Sultani claimed that in any school construction of "Iran-e-Man" some entrepreneurs and economic activist try and accompany; however, more important than their names and name of support groups is "Iran"; Iran which belongs to all of us especially to our children. Therefore, this movement intends to keep alive the feeling of belonging and responsibility taking in today's students who are managers of country in future.

Iran-e-Man" schools network was founded in form of school construction movement in June 2014 under the guidance of Pedram Sultani following the experience of school construction and completion in villages of Ilam province by young entrepreneurs and members of board of representatives of chamber of commerce, industries and mines and agriculture.

Believing in productivity and worthiness of investment in education, especially in elementary school for nurturing and development of country, this group has defined its objective as the construction of "Iran-e-Man" elementary schools in all deprived and borderline areas of country.

"Iran-e-Man" school construction movement intends to establish 100 school construction projects in far areas of country by the help of entrepreneurs and economic activists of country. 

In this project, the initial focus is on completion of unfinished schools and unfinished educational projects for the purpose of productivity of national capital of country. Moreover, construction of elementary schools in required area has been considered as agenda according to priority and confirmation of ministry of education. The first school of "Iran-e-Man" schools network was opened and utilized in October 2014 in Khorramabad. Currently, 8 "Iran-e-Man" schools have been utilized in Lorestan, Khuzestan and Kurdistan and two other schools will be utilized by the end of September 2015 in Charmahal Bakhtiary province.