Iran’s water crisis, an investment opportunity for high-tech countries

Iran’s water crisis, an investment opportunity for high-tech countries

In a joint seminar between Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Pedram Soltani, the Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce introduced Iran’s investment and economic opportunities.

In his speech on the investment opportunities in Iran, the vice president of Iran Chamber of Commerce make mention of Iran’s water crisis and said, “Although water scarcity is a threat to Iran, it is an investment opportunity for countries which own the technology.”

Soltani emphasized that the government of Iran perceives water shortage as a threat to the country’s future.

“In the coming years, we must stop this threat by importing the required technology,” he said. “This way we can reduce water consumption in the agricultural sector and increase water recycling.”

He suggested to his Austrian partners that they should cooperate in this field and come to Iran’s assistance with their technology.

Soltani categorized investment opportunities in Iran into several groups and said, “The first group pertains to natural resources, oil, gas and mineral resources and the related industries such as petrochemicals, iron, steel, and so on.”

He also reminded that in the field of fossil fuels Iran is ranked first in the world and in the field of minerals it is among the top 10 countries.

Soltani added, “The private sector of Iran has become active in non-oil fields and no longer does it limit itself to the oil industry.”

 The Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce pointed out that the second group of investment opportunities in Iran hinges upon its geographical advantages.

He noted that Iran is located at the crossroads that connects Asia and South Asia to the CIS countries, Middle East, Asia Minor and Europe.

Soltani asserted that Iran alone is a large, vast country and added, “Iran enjoys different modes of transport, i.e. air, water, and land transport and this by itself opens up investment opportunities and is very attractive for foreign investors.”

“In terms of transportation and logistics, the North–South Transport Corridor makes it easier to have access to the market of Iran and the 300-million-market around it,” he added.

Soltani suggested that Iran’s potential in the rail network can be a great opportunity in the coming years as it shortens the distance between Asia and Europe.

Regarding the third group of investment opportunities, the Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture mentioned Iran’s cultural and climate potentials.

“Thanks to its diverse nature and ancient history, Iran can be definitely ranked among the top 10 countries of the world in the tourism industry,” Soltani added.

Further on Iran’s untapped investment potentials he named the food and agriculture industries.

Soltani referred to Iran’s human resources as another potential which can benefit the foreign investors substantially and maintained, “More than half of Iran's population is under 30, and a significant proportion of these young people has higher education and in this regard its place in the region is highly envied.”

“Based on the number of engineers per population Iran ranks first in the region,” he said. “Iran’s rating in this area is even superior to the US and Russia.”

Soltani emphasized that Iran’s young population and its knowledgeable youths have actually laid the groundwork for foreign investment. 

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