Any decision taken by the EU must be positively welcomed by all its member

 Any decision taken by the EU must be positively welcomed by all its member

Pedram Soltani, the Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture elaborated on the support package adopted by the EU for Iran emphasizing that, “To pass judgment on the package, we need to assess the structure and the mechanism of power in the European Union.”

In an interview with ICCIMA reporter, Soltani highlighted the impact of the US policies on the decisions made by the EU countries and said, "Given the fact that policies and political status are diverse among the EU countries, their tendencies, international relations and the amount of effect that US policies can exert on their decisions, vary from one case to another”.

 “Some EU countries that have strong ties with the United States and their views are closer to America will make things hard for the EU,” he added.

ICCIMA Vice President called for a distinct framework and said, “The EU is expected to set a framework for trade, investment and economic cooperation with Iran that diminishes the impact of the sanctions as much as possible.”

Soltani pointed out three characteristics of the European support package for Iran, saying that, “Apparently the EU countries can work out a solution to buy Iranian oil so they are seeking a mechanism for Iran to sell its oil and transfer revenues.”   

 “The issue of the support base comes next; i.e. the support that European small to medium sized companies hold onto to continue working with Iran,” he said adding that, “After all, big companies tend to choose America over Iran because of their huge economic ties with America”.

As for the third issue that pertains to the EU support package for Iran, Soltani says that authorities are required to provide a mechanism that lays the groundwork for banking transactions via Euro.

“To this end, specific banks and monetary institutions should be established,” he said.  

Soltani concluded: “It seems that the EU has a liking to do the countertrade meaning that instead of paying the oil money directly to Iran, they would deposit it in an account that is used for Iran’s purchases from the EU.”

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