Iran, Turkey after New Models for Economic Cooperation

Iran, Turkey after New Models for Economic Cooperation

Officials of Iran and kocaeli chambers have called for changes in the model of economic cooperation between Iran and Turkey in order to take advantage of economic capabilities of both states.

Deputy Head of Iran's chamber of commerce Mr. Pedram Soltani yesterday received the chairman of kocaeli chamber of industry of Turkey Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu and exchanged view for boosting trade relationship between both states.

During the meeting, Soltani called for new models for economic cooperation between both states in order they can take advantage of economic cooperation of both countries.

He added that there are several industrial and commercial capacities in both states which are intact and both sides should activate them.

Soltani said that both countries should set new models for economic cooperation and they should pave the ground for involvement of the private sectors.

He added that holding exhibitions is one way for involving in business activists and making the familiar with the potentials of both countries.

Soltani noted that kocaeli has good capacities in auto industry, chemical and metal spheres and both countries can cooperate in those sectors.

He added that Iran is to attend the annual assembly meeting of Asia-Pacific confederation which is to be held in turkey.

Zeytinoglu for his part, introduced kocaeli region in Turkey, adding that 38 percent of Turkey auto industry is in the region, adding that chemical and petrochemical industries have also major share.

He added that foreign trade volume of kocaeli region is around $59b. He noted that both countries are good and powerful in the chemical industry, adding that kocaeli has good capacity for automation and its productions are exported to Europe and the region can have close cooperation with Iran.

He also called for expanding economic cooperation between both countries in order that the cooperation would lead to European market. He also said that kocaeli Chamber of Industry was established in 1987 and it has more than 2500 members. 

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