Iran launches bid to host 2021 World Chamber Congress

Iran launches bid to host 2021 World Chamber Congress

Iran suggested hosting the 2021 World Chamber Congress in the 10th World Chambers Congress, held in Sydney, Australia, from 19th to 21st September, Deputy Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce Pedram Soltani told IRNA on Sunday.

'All member countries welcomed Iran offer for hosting the event,' Soltani added.

According to the official website of the World Chamber Congress, the World Chambers Congress is the premier event of its kind bringing together chamber, business and government figures alike.

The Congress provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect and strengthen relations with a diverse and international group of individuals representing more than 100 countries. With both formal and informal occasions to develop networks, this is the ideal setting to establish institutional ties and promote trade and investment opportunities from attending companies, countries and regions.

The congress is held on a rotational basis every two years.

Previously, the forum has been held in France, South Korea, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico, Qatar and Italy. Sao Paulo, Brazil, will host the next conference in 2019.

The 2021 congress is earmarked to take place in either Middle East or Africa. Bidding countries include Kenya, Ethiopia, Dubai, Oman, Jordan and Iran.


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