Iran- Portugal to boost economic ties in investment, Tourism, water management and energy sectors

Iran- Portugal to boost economic ties in investment, Tourism, water management and energy sectors

Pedram Sotalni meets Jose Paulo Almeida and stressed to enhance bilateral ties between two countries.


ICCIMA public relation reported; 15 November the vice president of ICCIMA in a meeting with Jose Paulo Almeida the president of Portugal chamber of commerce, condemned the terroristic attack of Paris by extremism and expressed deep condolences to the people and government of the Western European country over the deaths and injuries of innocent people in the Friday terrorist attacks in Paris.
Soltani highlighted the strategies of government for privatization and reforming the economy to give more power to private sector and said: our economic is diversifying and during the past year almost all delegations hope to strengthen their ties with Iranian private sector after lifting the sections.


He said: despite many potentials and works between two countries, the trade volume is not as good as we expect. Cultural and historical relations and commonalities should be considered as a ground to boost economic ties.


For his part Jose Paulo Almeida the president of Portugal chamber of commerce mentioned the four missions to Iran during the past years and said: these missions' shows that we understood the importance of Iran before the others. 15 high ranking investors of Portugal are present here to attend in investment seminar and this is our first visit after 5+1 agreement.


Almeida stressed the positive current situation and global environment of working with Iran and said: Portugal's enterprises in various sectors like agriculture, agro food industry, water and waste water management, energy and tourism services are keen on enlargement of their relation.


The president of Portugal chamber of commerce cited the arrangements of special delegation in tourism industry for upcoming April or May and requested the enhancement of bilateral works between both chambers to support the activists in order to enlarge the economic ties.


After this mission we will try to give more information to our members about the opportunities for investment and joint business communities with Iranian counterparts to access the regional market around the country.


Pedram Soltani also quoted up to 20 percent tax exemption for foreign investment in tourism, transportation and production lines and said: Portugal cork industry is one of the famous productions in the world and Iran can be considered for the final processing of this product for internal and regional market and also re-exporting to EU countries.


Soltani mentioned 30 percent rise of travelers to Iran during the 2013 and 2014 and said: more than 1000 hotels are under construction and Iranian companies are ready to make relation and work with international communities for investment, management and also giving services in this sector.

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