To be Emphasized on Establishing Iran and Uruguay Joint Trade Committee

To be Emphasized on Establishing Iran and Uruguay Joint Trade Committee




In the meeting of Uruguay vice president with the vice president of Iran chamber which was held in Iran chamber location was emphasized on the establishing joint trade committee between two countries.

According to the report of ICCIMA's public relations, Pedram Soltani vice president of Iran chamber said: we have the difficult times in sanctions era and the private sector faced with many problems, but learned many lessons that how to expand our trade transactions in this era.

Soltani continued: In respecting with South America countries; the distance limit the volume of trade, but Iranian traders and businessmen are willing to cooperate with these countries.

He stated: From ancient times until now, Iran has been the supplier of petroleum products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, polymers, technical and engineering services that certainly can develop it after sanction era.

Iran chamber vice president said: always Iran buys rice, meat, wool and... from Uruguay but there are other capacities that have been impacted because of the lack of communication and exchange of trade delegations between two sides.

He noted that the exchange of trade delegations and information, participating in international exhibitions, auctions and tenders of the two countries are the ways of expanding economic cooperation.

Soltani said: for facilitating trade between two countries, joint economic commission should sign bilateral agreements in the areas of banking, investment, customs, transport, etc.

Iran chamber vice president called for Iran and Uruguay to establish banking relation, shipping lines and export credit guarantee for developing of trade transactions.

He pointed to the fields of bilateral cooperation such as: tourism, agriculture, food processing, refining, innovative and knowledge-based services and emphasized on the establishing of joint trade committee between two chambers.


Uruguay's vice president, for his part, said his country is determined to strengthen cooperation with Iran in all areas of common interest.
Rodriguez added that energy and agriculture would be among important sectors that the two countries are determined to increase cooperation.

He also called on Tehran and Montevideo to enhance coordination on regional and global issues.

Uruguay's vice president agreed with the establishing of joint trade committee between two chambers and said: two private sectors could push the government to implement the agreements and MoU between two countries by this committee.

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